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On-demand inkjet labelling could reduce CO2 emissions by 6.7 million tonnes a year

Epson Inkjet On Demand Savings

New research from independent consultants Smithers shows how on-demand inkjet labelling can save European businesses significant energy, reduce massive material and ink waste and make labelling operations far more efficient and sustainable.

If European businesses switched to using on-demand inkjet labelling, energy savings of 28.7 million kWh could be achieved each year, the equivalent of lighting 95,960 homes and equal to a reduction of 6.7 million tonnes of CO2.  On-demand inkjet printing can also eliminate 180 million square metres of label waste, the equivalent covering of 25,264 football pitches, and will cut ink waste by an estimated 619 tonnes, the equivalent weight of 41 double decker buses.

The full report is on the Epson website as well as the Smithers site too. The button below will take you to the Epson Colorworks Printers that are a great option for printing labels on-demand.

Epson Colorworks Label Printers Smithers White Paper


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