AF200 Flat Surface Label Applicator

£2,150.00 ex VAT


Ensure consistency in your label application with the Afinia AF200.

The Afinia AF200 is a semi automatic label applicator that takes labels supplied on a roll and applies them to flat surfaced container, boxes or pouches. Single button or foot pedal activation makes for a quick and simple process.

Simply align your product on the machine and adjust the guides to match. This way you’ll ensure accurate placement to the same spot each time you apply a label. Once the guides are setup and your labels fed into the machine you can push the button and the label is applied. Then remove the product, replace it with the next and go again and again and again…………….

When setting up the labels Afinia have a calculator tool which allows you to input the label data and the settings for the machine will be given back. This final part of setup again is simple and once you have the settings for a particular label you can save them as they are set for that label size.

Key Features of the Afinia AF200

  • Ideal for flat or nearly flat surfaces
  • Apply single or double labels per container
  • Single button or foot pedal operation
  • Ultrasonic sensor for label gap detection
  • Adjustable Height of application head

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  • Dimensions - Machine

    11.8" (300mm) W, 16.8" (426mm) H, 27.5" (700mm) D

  • Dimensions - Platform

    11.8" (300mm) W, 11.8" (300mm) D

  • Weight

    50 lbs (23kgs)

  • Field for labelling

    4.13" (100mm) W, 7.5" (190mm)

  • Height of container

    1 to 7.87 inches (25 to 200mm) (a spacer can be used for thinner items)

  • Label length

    1.38 " (35mm) to 8.25" (210mm

  • Width of label roll

    1" (25mm) to 4.72" (120mm)

  • Label gap

    > 0.1 inches (2.5mm)

  • Liner thickness

    < 0.07mm

  • Diameter of label roll

    < 7.87 inches (200mm)

  • Core diameter

    2 to 3 inches (50 to 76mm)

  • Label roll speed

    0.1m/sec - programable.

  • Platform speed

    0.1m/sec - programable


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