DTM Catalyst – Laser Marking Label Printer & Cutter

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The DTM Catalyst is a laser label marking machine. What this means is that it will laser your image onto laser film. It produces the most durable custom labels and tags we offer.

Who would use the DTM Catalyst?

machine parts label
machine parts label

The Catalyst is aimed at those needing to print and cut durable labels such as asset tags, serial tags, warning labels, instruction panels, barcode or QR Codes & many other industrial labels that need to withstand harsh environments.

How does the DTM Catalyst Work?

The Catalyst uses a bundle package of fibre-coupled laser diodes that laser-images onto a laser film. This laser film (CLF), developed and manufactured by Schreiner, is an unique pre-laminated material that is very resistant to environmental damage and degradation from chemicals, blowing sand and other abrasion.

During the phase-change process that makes the image appear underneath the clear, protective laminate the laser generates no smoke or fumes. Other laser marking systems use the laser to cut out the label’s shape and size, but create smoke and fumes. The Catalyst, by contrast, uses an X/Y knife blade plotter that cuts through the CLF material resulting in zero smoke or fumes with no need for filtration or noisy smoke extraction.

How to Use, Operate & Maintain the DTM Catalyst
DTM Catalyst Open
DTM Catalyst Open

Catalyst Laser Marking Systems are fast and easy to setup and operate with their self-installing driver and PrintHub™ for Windows. The label design and printing software BarTender® UltraLite is included, upgrade versions for additional features like databases such as SAP®, Oracle® and other ERP integrations are available as well. Wired USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity are standard.

Maintenance is limited mostly to keeping the machine’s interior clear of dust generated during the digital die-cutting process. Laser diodes and fibre-optic couplers have a long life and are replaceable if ever needed.

Three Versions of the DTM Catalyst are available:

  • Catalyst V2e – Entry level replacement for thermal transfer printers.

    catalyst labels
    catalyst labels
  • Catalyst V4e – Twice the speed of the V2e model.
  • Catalyst V8e – Twice the speed of the V4e model with throughput speeds & quality that can rival machines costing up to 10x more.
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