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Thermal Printer Comparison – Zebra GK420T vs GoDEX RT700.


Here we plan to give you a little insight into the world of thermal label printers by comparing one of the Zebra & GoDEX mid range printers.

We’re looking at the Zebra GK420T and the GoDEX RT700. So let’s compare!

Brief Spec:

Zebra GK420T – 4″ Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printer

  • Print Type – Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution – 203 dpi 8 dot/mm
  • Max Print Width – 104mm
  • Max Print Speed – 127mm/s – 5ips
  • Warranty – 1 Year

GoDEX RT700 4″ Thermal Desktop Label Printer 

  • Print Type – Thermal Transfer / Direct Thermal
  • Resolution – 203 dpi 8 dot/mm
  • Max Print Width – 108mm
  • Max Print Speed – 127mm/s – 5ips
  • Warranty – 3 Year

So what are the key differences between the GK420T & RT700?

GoDEX RT700 can plug straight into an existing Zebra setup. It works with the ZPL & EPL print languages and can emulate print data sent to the Zebra printers without fuss. This makes it very plug and play when replacing existing Zebra printer solutions or running alongside. 

3 Years Warranty on the RT700 as standard! This is a massive plus on the GoDEX range. The Zebra GK420t comes with 1 years warranty so this something to consider.

The Zebra comes with Zebra Designer Basic which is a simple label design software. This can be upgraded to Zebra Designer Pro if you need it’s full features. The GoDEX comes with the full version of GoLabel and this can be installed on as many PC’s as needed. There is no cost or upgrade options for the GoLabel Software. The full version being included for FREE is a big plus.

USB Device, Ethernet & Serial connectivity come standard on the GoDEX RT700 plus 2 x USB host ports allowing keyboards, scanners etc to connect direct. You can also add WIFI or Bluetooth with the RT700iW. The GK420 can have this capability but it doesn’t come as standard so make sure you pick the right version of the printer. Once you add all of this capability the initial cost of the printer will rise.

A nice feature on the GoDEX range is a little button on the back of the printer used to auto detect material sizing when a new roll of labels is added to the printer. You press this and the printer will autocalibrate the media. This is a great time saver.

Our conclusion of the GK420t & RT700 Thermal Label Printers. 

Both printers are great printers and very reliable in what they do. The output from both is really good and they do exactly what they say on the tin. The GoDEX just seems to be a little better value as you get more for your money. 3 years warranty and unlimited use of the full version of software are huge for us. The GoDEX range is easier to figure out too. The printers come with nearly all of the connections you could possibly need as standard. It’s only the wireless module (WIFI/BT) that you can add.

For more information, samples or pricing on either of these printers please contact our team on 01264 335118 or

Here is a link to the full GoDEX RT730i Label Printer. This has 300dpi res and a colour screen for standalone printer control. The best all round 4″ thermal label printer we’ve seen.



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