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What is the Afinia DLP-2200?

afinia DLP2200

2023 will see the launch of the all new Afinia DLP-2200. The DLP2200 is a digital label press designed to print, laminate, cut, strip, slit and rewinder labels in one pass. It still utilises the Afinia L901 Plus as it’s print engine but that’s the only part remaining from the previous model.

Key upgrades to the DLP2200 make it a lot more advanced and easier to use when compared to the previous DLP2100.

New Features of the Afinia DLP-2200:
  • Auto web guide – No more weaving of material or tension issues through your press.
    Auto web guide
  • Adjustable cylinder – (left / right / forward / back) Move your cut position at the touch of a button. No more having to keep removing and replacing the die.
  • Larger cylinder – Ideal for larger labels or increased page repeats.
  • Auto tension on input / outputs – Sensors monitor each spindle to ensure tension is kept throughout the job, even as the rolls increase in size.
  • Inbuilt touch screen – Improves job setup times, feedback and support of the machine.
  • Remote access – Again improves support of machine. Firmware’s etc can be controlled and updated from afar if needed.
  • Independent motors – Each spindle is independent with no large belts joining them. This improves reliability of machine and independent tensions.
Who would use the Afinia DLP-2200?

The DLP2200 is designed for those needing mid to high volumes of labels instantly. Maybe you have different versions of the same size labels, batch numbers or you just need full colour labels instantly. Digital

Afinia DLP2200 Output
Afinia DLP2200 Output

printing is great in that it allows you to print exactly what you need, when you need it. No more having to buy 10k labels to get the price you need and you end up only using half of them. Buy lower cost, bulk materials and print then cut yourself.

We have put digital label presses into end users and print houses. Print houses use the DLP for short run labels where artwork can change frequently and there are short lead times. Flexo requires plates and high setup costs where the DLP doesn’t.

End users buy the DLP so they are not reliant of third party companies to print their labels. One thing COVID showed us was that it only takes one company in your chain to have issues and it can effect your whole production. By bringing your printing in-house you have all of your production under your control.

When is the Afinia DLP-2200 available?

It’s now available to order as the first “finalised” systems are heading into production but we actually installed the worlds first Afinia DLP2200 press in June 2022. As Afinia Labels leading partner we pushed

Afinia DLP2200 Cylinder
Afinia DLP-2200 Cylinder

the development of the DLP2200 and installed at one of our customer sites in June where they have been running it since. They are a print house running various designs with many dies and the machine has been a great success.

Can you come and see the Afinia DLP-2200 in action?

YES! Talk to one of the team at HD Labels and we can take your artwork and produce FREE samples. We can get you in front of the DLP2200 and take you though the system. Tell us your labels requirements and we’ll guide you to the right solution for you. This might not be the DLP2200 but we’ll prove the concept including costs and answer all questions before you purchase.

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Alternatively you can see the Afinia DLP-2200 in action below or follow this link – Afinia DLP-2200


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