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What size blank labels do we sell?

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We are a manufacturer of blank and printed labels and we get asked these questions a lot so thought we would help with some brief answers.

“What size do your blank labels come in?” 

The short answer to this is ANY SIZE.

We make nearly all of our labels to order and you can be very specific about the size and material types they’re made in. I say nearly all of our labels are made to order as we do have a standard stock size range for those needing something instantly. On the whole though, we make labels to order.

If you need 120mm wide by 55.6mm high then we can do it. You can be exact to 0.10 of a mm. Maybe you need a label the shape of a space ship, donkey or tree. No problem, we can make custom / unusual shape labels to any size. Just tell us what you need or send us a cut line and we will manufacture a master cutter and then produce your blanks from that.

Find out more – Custom Blank Labels

“What material options do you have?”

As a standard all of our materials are inkjet printable but if you tell us the printer they need to work with we will ensure the correct / compatible material is supplied. For example the OKI Pro label printers use LED technology and prefer an uncoated material. Godex printers are thermal so might want uncoated or direct thermal material. Fast printing Memjet machines will want impact dry, inkjet material. You can’t use any old inkjet here as the print is so fast. Basically we will ensure you get the correct material to work with you label printer. Even if you haven’t bought the printer from us.

“If you’re making to order then is must take weeks to produce?”

Actually more often than not it takes us days to complete custom labels. We stock a huge range of materials so they are more often that not already on the shelf. We can produce the master die often within two days depending on time of order and then the production might even be the same day as the die is complete. We also stock a huge range of dies so you might even be lucky enough to use a die we already have and then we might be able to produce your blanks SAME DAY!

The key is to talk to your account manager and explain the urgency if that’s the case and we will always try to accommodate short lead times. That is one of the things that separates us from other suppliers as we don’t have a standard 2 week lead time. If we can produce quicker, we will.

“How do i know if the material will work or look as I want it to?”

We offer free samples of any label material that you might wish to use. Perhaps you can’t decide on a couple of materials so we always recommend you look at them before purchase if there are any doubts. Once cut they cannot be returned.

To recap, here are the key things to remember about our blank label service.

  • Cut any shape or size label required.
  • Custom / unusual shapes are no problem.
  • Various material options – Inkjet, thermal, coated or uncoated.
  • Free samples to ensure you check before purchase
  • We’ll ensure you’re labels are compatible with your label printer.
  • Fast turnaround options.

For more information or any help with your blank labels please get in touch – Talk to the team


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