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Afinia DLF220 & DLF200L – Label Finishers

Here at HD Labels we’re pleased to announce the availability of the new DLF220 & DLF220L label finishers.

The DLF-220 will take a printed roll of material and can then cut out the printed designs into any shape you need. The labels are the slit and rolled back up ready to be applied to something.

The DLF220L will allow you to do the same but includes lamination (Hence the L). We now have a demo system up and running so please come along and see the machine in action. When paired with something like the Afinia L801 or L901 you’ll have a great labels production facility. Super fast with low cost and high resolution. What more could you wish for?

Contact the HD Label Team on 01264 335118 or email

Why not send us your artwork and we’ll produce a sample roll of labels on the DLF220L for you to see exactly how your labels would look.

Check out the finishers online:


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