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Afinia DLF220s Full Demonstration Video

Afinia DLF220s Demo

The Afinia DLF220s is a digital label finisher that allows you to laminate, cut, strip, slit and then

DLF220s Finisher
Afinia DLF-220s Finisher

rewind the labels onto finished rolls. This is ideal for those needing to produce all different shapes and sizes in varied volumes.

It’s not a straight forward piece of machinery though, so to help you understand it and to give some of our own hints and tips. We’ve produced this demonstration video to take you right through threading up and setup of the DLF.

We run these inhouse at HD Labels so if you would like to come and see the demo in person or spend some time with our own production team understanding the machine then just let us know. We run these all day, every day, so we feel we’re the most qualified people to take you through the Afinia label finishers.

Afinia DLF220s – Full Demonstration Video

See the Afinia DLF220s on our site – Afinia DLF 220s Desktop Digital Label Finisher – Cut Labels | HD Labels



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