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Case Study – Wessex Spirits and their LX610e

Since 2017 when Wessex Spirits / Test Valley Gin launched, we’ve been working with Kate and printing her labels here. She’s used our print service and as volumes have increased and the sizes / shapes started to change so frequently it became apparent that it might be more cost effective to bring her labelling in-house. Also this allows Kate to produce “one off” or bespoke labels printed and cut to any shape or size instantly. Brilliant for when she has tasting events and customers would like to have their own branded Gin potentially.

Well we recently supplied the DTM Print LX610e to solve this exact issue. The LX610e is designed for those needing full colour labels printed and cut to any size but in lower volumes. For short run or bespoke labels it’s as flexible a machine as there is.

It has an inbuilt inkjet print engine as well as a knife cutting system which once it’s printed the label it will cut out the shape you require in the same pass. Watch the video below which shows this.

Here is what Kate said after her first day of production:

I can’t believe it did it! I’ve worked out my new printer and printed my first set of bespoke labels 🙌🙌 it’s not as easy as it looks! And I couldn’t have done it without the AMAZING HD Labels who supplied the new printer, gave me loads of training and then some more when I couldn’t do it 🤣 thank you!

We love the LX610e and for any small producers it’s a great step into the world of labels as it’s just so flexible and the quality is great.

Below are some of the images Kate uploaded and if you would like to check her out online or more importantly buy yourself some Gin then check out the links below.

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For more information on the DTM LX610e including samples or a demo please talk to the team and we’ll be happy to help.

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