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DTM LX610e Help – PT Create Pro Software FAQ

PT Create Pro

The LX610 is one of the most flexible label producers on the market but let’s look a little closer at the software. The LX610e’s main advantage is the contour cutting function which gives you the opportunity to create bespoke label shapes, one at a time if needed, with ease.

So, where does this cutline come from?LX610e

You can either use:

A: PDF files that already include cutlines and are made with any graphic program of your choice that offers vector paths (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, …),
B: use BarTender 2021 to add cutlines to a print design or
C: (automatically) create them with PTCreate Pro software

How to do that is explained in the hyperlinks above.

For contour creation of images with white edges in PTCreate Pro, check this article:

PTCreate Pro – How and why?

PT Create Logo

When opening our LX610e Pro Bundle there’s a PTCreate Pro activation sheet with your activation code (license key) inside.
Everything for the cutting function is right there, no need to purchase it separately!

The LX610e installer contains PTCreate and PrintHub. When opening PTCreate for the first time it prompts you to activate your license.
Enter the activation code from the activation sheet and click ‘OK’.

Switching Computers?

You can deactivate the license key in the Help Menu > Deactivate.
Useful when switching computers or just activating it for a demo at the customer’s place.
Remember, activation and deactivation requires internet access!

Do I need PTCreate Pro?

PTCreate Pro lets you create & process cutlines.
PTCreate (standard version) means read-only & process cutlines.

Import PTCreate Pro files (.scut5) that are already pre-set with cutline and print layer to the PTCreate standard version.

This way you can fully print & cut your prepared .scut5 files on computers without an activation code.
This will be useful for shows and customer presentations on multiple computers.

I don’t have PTCreate Pro/an activation code?

Get some LX610e sample .scut5 files from our partner area:
Your login details are dtmpartner and MKT-2019
Those are ready to print & cut with PTCreate (standard version).

For more help or samples from the LX610, please talk to the team at HD Labels.

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