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Why bring your label printing in house?

Deciding whether to bring your label printing in-house can sometimes be a tough decision. Here are a few key advantages that need to be considered.

1. Take control of your printing – You know longer have to wait long lead times from external printers. Print a whole roll of labels in minutes and not in days / weeks.

2. Print what you need (no waste) – When you outsource you usually round-up the amount you need to meet min order quantities and never really order the amount you need. When you print in-house you can print the number required. If it’s 10 sample labels or 726 for production then you only print what you need. We go to lots of companies who have rooms full of “old stock” labels that can’t be used anymore. The cost of these never really get taken in to account and if these were printed to order the waste would be minimal.

3. Low print costs – Although you have the cost of the printer initially the ongoing running costs can be much less than outsourcing. This is to the point that more often than not the printer is paid for within the first year by the money saved. We recommend you test us on this one by supplying us some artwork and let us produce a “cost of ownership” for you. This is a must for anyone looking to invest in a label printer. Don’t buy a printer without knowing all of your costs.

4. Unique Labelling / Serial Numbers – With easy online editing and merge capabilities you can print unique labels in batches saving you lots of time and money. Label printing “on demand” is as important as ever.

5. Range of material substraights – Most printers will now print on a huge range of materials from paper to plastic and coloured to clear. This is all without the need for changing inks so you can flip from different label types depending on your needs.

For any samples, costs or advice on bringing your label printing in-house, get in touch with our team on 01264 335118 or and lets see if there is a solution for you.



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