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Epson Launch NEW C4000e Colour Label Printer

Epson C4000e Label Printer

The new C4000e ColorWorks label printer from Epson is now launched and this is designed to replace the outgoing C3500e. The C3500e was a good printer for those needing low volumes of labels with a dash of colour and no high dependency on jazzy graphics. It was fairly low resolution so simple logos, images and block colour looked ok but if you tried to push it the quality wasn’t great.

The new C4000e is fundamentally the same footprint as the C3500e but offers that much improved print quality. it still uses the durable pigment inks but allows you to print up to 1200 x 1200dpi which makes all the difference. The C4000e uses separate inks for increased running time / efficiency as well as a 108mm max print width. It’s internal unwinder for the blank labels makes it a very compact inkjet printer which suits close environments like kitchens, packing stations and service desks.

The Epson C4000e is super simple to use and can work with multiple material types including gap (die cut), back mark, continuous or fan fold media. The latter their being great for show badges.

epson c4000e fanfold

Ultimately if you are looking to print any kind of volume of labels then we would recommend considering the Epson C6000Ae or C6500Ae as these will offer a more industrial solution with a much lower “cost per print”. It important you understand your print costs as the cheaper the printer is to buy the more expensive it is to run. let us make sure you find the best, most cost effective solution for you. 

For more information on the Epson C4000e ColorWorks please click on the link or fill in the form below and we’ll contact you to talk through samples and pricing.

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