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How to produce your own personalised or custom labels.

The need to separate our product from it’s competitors is as strong as ever and even the biggest brands are now looking to offer personalisation. Whether it be the product itself or the branding / label. Making your product unique to the consumer adds a huge amount of value.

The advantages are that even the container the product comes in has increased value as well as the ability to charge more for what is essentially the same product. The disadvantage is it can be much harder to produce that product as potentially a one off. So how are companies producing personalised product labels?

Digital printing your labels allows you to print unique labels instantly, without sacrificing the quality of your label. It doesn’t work for every design but the quality and cost per print has improved so much that printing labels yourself is really a viable option now.

Using software like Nice Label or Bartender you’re able to still print on mass but you can merge in variable data into the label so each label can contain unique fields. For example a name, message, number the list is endless. We even have customers printing on demand in-store. Create a little frontend application that allows the consumer to input their unique data then print & apply at the point of purchase. Check out our case study with Nutella & Vegemite below.

Label Personalisation Case Study

In this instance we used the Afinia L301 to print the labels as requested in-store. If you were running at your own site, something like the Afinia L801 or Afinia L901 will offer higher speeds and lower running costs. These are designed for higher volume production but still your labels can be unique.

If you have a project where you’d like to personalise or produce custom labels. Why not talk to one of our team and see what options are out there. We can develop a process and show any costs involved so you can determine if it’s a viable option for you. It’s often very surprising to see how simple it is to add lots of value to your existing product.

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