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Introduction to the Afinia XL Unwinder & Rewinder

Last year with the launch of the L901, Afinia introduced the XL Unwinder & Rewinder to their range. This combination of unwinder / rewinder works well with the L901 and allows the use of much larger label rolls. This gives more unattended print time and few roll changes on large print runs.

The XL unwinder / rewinder we built for the L901 but the XL rewinder has proven to be such a solid rewinder that it’s now being offered as the recommended rewinder for use with the L801 range too.

The Stats:

  • Max Roll Diameter – 10 inches (250mm)
  • Max Web Width – 9.4 inches (240mm)
  • Core Diameter – 3 inches (76.2mm)
  • Compatibility – Afinia L801, L801 Plus, L901 & L901 Plus.
  • Speed – up to 12 inches per second (51 RPM

Who is the XL Unwinder & Rewinder Aimed at?

Here are some example industries who are using the XL unwinder / rewinder. These are ideal for anyone needing to print high volume, large label sizes or continuous rolls ready to be cut or laminated.

Private Labelling – Print Houses – High Volume Roll to Roll Printers – Chemical (tend to have very large labels)

Can you use the XL rewinder with any other label printers?

In theory yes but it is very strong and designed to work with high speed, industrial printers so we recommend you talk to one of our engineers at HD Labels to be sure it’s right for you.

Can you upgrade your old Afinia L801 rewinder to the XL rewinder?

Yes you can. Depending on the ago of your L801 you may need a replacement plate to link the rewinder to but other than that it should be fine. Talk to a HD Labels engineer who again can guide you.

Where can you see the XL Unwinder & Rewinder in action? 

We run both of these at HD Labels in Andover and our demo room is available to visit. Contact the team to book in with an engineer. You can also see them in action in the video below and shown in the picture of the L901 too.

For more information on the Afinia XL Unwinder & Rewinder please get in touch with the team at HD Labels and we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have.

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