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It’s our 10th Birthday!! How have we changed in the past 10 years?

In June 2010 we started Handisc Ltd and for a while it was just me (Alex) before Justine joined to help man the phones. I say phones but we only had one!

This was where it all started. We had one 3 x 4m office with a desk and work bench for production. We had 3 windows but they were high up so we could only see a little sky. I’ve marked Handisc in red.

We were here for two years before moving to our own unit at Basepoint Andover in 2012.

Basepoint was great for us and saw a big increase in what we were doing. It also saw a change in direction for Handisc and our first steps towards HD Labels.

When we started Handisc, disc, USB key and flash memory supply & duplication was our thing. We still supply and duplicate flash memory etc but we could see this was a declining industry and we needed to evolve.

Label production was the natural progression for us. We supplied lots of disc printers and label printers used very similar technology. We had a brand “Handisc Label Solutions” that evolved into HD Labels over the next seven or so years.

We out grew Basepoint and moved back to Samar House taking over the whole office block to the right of our old office. During the next few years we grew massively in the world of labels to the point in 2016 – 2017 when we became the number one Afinia distributor in the UK, Europe & Asia.

At the end of 2017 we moved into Glenmore Business Park finally taking our own building. This is when the brand HD Labels officially became bigger than Handisc and our re-brand was introduced. We now have a large warehouse, offices, production & demo room. We have nearly all of machines we sell and support here and available for people to come and see in action. One of the things that really separates us from the online “box shifters” is that we use the machinery daily in-house and can really give advice and guidance from experience rather than just reading a spec sheet.

2020 has been interesting but we’re very fortunate to be in an industry that doesn’t seem to stop. Our customer base ranges from food suppliers, cosmetic, chemical and the list goes on. Large international companies to farm shops and startups. We’ve been lucky to continue supplying labels and print solutions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and as this slowly draws to an end we look forward to the next ten years of business.

We truly appreciate all of your support throughout the last 10 years.

Thank you

Alex – HD Labels


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