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Laminate Upgrade for the Afinia Desktop Finisher

DLF220s Finisher

The Afinia DLF140s & DLF220s desktop label finishers are great machines but one thing they’ve always lacked compared to their bigger brother (the DLF220L) is the ability to use backed laminate.

Why is this such a big thing? 

Well self wound laminate (no liner) is great and allows you to fit a lot more onto a roll with the liner missing. It technically looks the same on the finished product so why would you bother using a backed laminate?

  1. Noise. There are many versions of self wound laminate and the majority of them are not silent. Lots can sound like a roll of tape being pulled every time it releases because this is essentially what it is. There are “silent” laminates with a gloss finish but there isn’t a matt equivalent. So if you are working in close proximity to the DLF’s using self wound laminate it can be noisy. Having a release liner on the laminate solves this and there are both matt and gloss version of backed laminate.
  2. Availability of material. In the current climate, getting hold of materials can take longer than expected so having the ability to use both self wound and backed laminate means you open yourself up to another range of options. The machine becomes more flexible and we carry both version of laminate in house just to be sure we don’t run out of anything.


Is the laminate liner rewinder compatible with all Afinia DLF Desktop models?

The short answer is no. As it’s a new addition to the DLF there is an added port on the side of the machine along with four bolt holes. It’s really simple to add if you already have a machine capable and all new machines from now on will come with the ability to take this. If you are unsure if your DLF is compatible just talk to the support team and we can guide you.

DLF220s Laminate Liner Rewinder


DLF220s Liner Rewinder

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