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Print & Cut, Personalised Christmas Labels on the LX610e

Christmas Labels

Not everyone needs to print ten thousand labels at once. What if you would like small runs of labels and youDTM LX610e would like them to be all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps you would like to personalise the labels so each one is unique. Peoples names, part numbers or some form of personalisation. If any of this applies to you then the LX610e might be worth looking at.

Below is a video of the LX610e printing and cutting Christmas labels. These are short run, unique labels of different size, shape and cut style. Some have a white border and one has bleed to give a true “edge to edge” label once peeled off. Christmas labels, stickers & tags are very popular and making them unique was always a challenge. Time consuming with high costs. Now the LX610e makes this task very simple.

The LX610e is unique in that it both prints and then cuts out the labels it’s producing. It works with a wide range of label materials that come on continuous rolls. You just create your designs and then a cut line and using the supplied software (PT Create Pro) you can create your jobs and send them to the LX610e via USB from your PC.

If you would like FREE samples or to see the DTM Print LX610e in action then please feel free to get in touch. We run the LX610 in-house so can take your artwork and produce samples quickly. We can cost the prints too so you understand your true cost of ownership.

Get in touch today and find out if the DTM Print LX610e is for you.

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