If you need to rewind your labels from roll to roll then the CSR reel to reel rewinder might be for you. Super simple to use and very fast. You might just need your rolls rewinding onto a better core or they just need to be wound the other way around to work with an applicator. The CSR reel to reel label rewinder will do this for you in minutes. It gives a consistent roll with great tension every time.

There are a few versions of this machine with adjustable cores, with or without the counter and a missing label checker so please get in touch with the team to configure your label counter today.

This link takes you to all of the options and pricing for the Reel to Reel Rewinders:

Pricing & options for reel to reel rewinders

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  • Outside diameter

    250mm (9.84")

  • Width of stock

    Up to 150mm (5.9")

  • Core size

    Adjustable depending on model

  • Speed

    120 rpm

  • Label Face

    In or Out

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