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Get Ready for Natasha’s Law – Producing Full Colour Labels

ingredients label
  • Do you need to conform to Natasha’s Law but want your label to stand out? 
  • Do you need full colour or something a little different?
  • Does your label need to be durable?
  • Do you have a limited budget but getting the right label and look is key?

Our previous blog was aimed at those needing simple, single colour labels that were informative, low cost and did the job. Cost, speed and durability were more important than design, resolution, colour and the look and feel of the label.

What if you want your ingredients label to stand out?

What if you have a beautiful label on the front of your product and you would like the ingredients or allergen label to just be an extension of this? 

DTM LX610e

The good news is we have solutions for you too! Brands like Afinia Label, DTM Print, OKI Pro & Epson have a range of label printers that can produce you a full colour label instantly.

Entry Level Colour Label Printers

Printers like the Afinia L301 or DTM LX610e are great for those needing quality but in smaller volumes.

The DTM LX610e is unique in that it will not only print your labels but cut them to size itself in the same pass. You feed it continuous (uncut) label material and when you create your artwork you can also create a cut line so no matter what shape label you produce the LX610e will cut it to the correct shape. This is ideal for low volumes or mixed shape labels. Find out more about cutting your own shaped labels

Entry Level Colour Label Printers
afinia L502
Afinia L502

Mid Level Colour Label Printers

The next level up are the Afinia L502, LX3000e or Epson C6500. These are for when you start needing a bit of volume and durability. All three can use pigment inks and will offer a full colour “edge to edge” label at a fairly good cost per print.

All of these machines can still produce single “one off” labels but are also could when linked to a rewinder so you can queue up or print multiple labels. The Afinia L502 especially has proven to be very successful with those needing to print high quality labels in lower volumes. The HP Duo Ink technology means you can switch between dye based or pigment inks depending on your requirements but the pigment prints so nicely that it’s the popular choice. Durability & quality of print on your label.

Mid Volume Colour Label Printers

Industrial Level Colour Label Printers

If you need to produce higher volume ingredient and allergen labels then the Memjet range from Afinia could be for you. These consist of three printers, The Afinia L701, Afinia L801 & Afinia L901 Plus. Memjet printers are very fast (6 or 12 inches per second), high quality but very low cost per print. Even at full colour the L901 Plus could be

L801 Memjet Label Printer

under a penny per print. Also the OKI Pro 1040 & OKI Pro 1050 offer toner durability and the ability to print which should you be printing on foils or clear materials.

Industrial Colour Label Printers

Your usage and where the label ends up will ultimately determine which is the right printer for you so talk to our team and we’ll help narrow things down. We can then provide samples. demonstrations and calculate your cost of ownership so there are no surprises and you can be sure whichever printer you purchase is the right one for you.

When does Natasha’s Law Come In?allergen label

From October 2021 deli’s, cafes and places where food is produced at the same premises and then sold (most likely on the same day) will need have all ingredients and allergens listed on the label. This can be schools, sandwich shops, farm shops and so on.

What is none of the above makes any sense?

The good news is you aren’t alone and that’s why we’re here. We understand that a lot of people are producing labels because they have to and not because of their passion for labels. Talk to our team and let us help you find the right solution for you. We can provide samples, cost comparisons but also ask you the questions to narrow down your label printer. Whether it’s a simple thermal label or something jazzy with colour etc, we will have a solution for you.

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