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HD Labels Wins Epson’s Sustainability Award for 2024!

Epson Sustainability Award

We are excited to announce that we won Epson’s Sustainability Award 2024!

This is huge for us as a business. Providing greener solutions is key to our development as a company. A few years ago we launched our “Eco Range” of materials which has been growing since.

Labels and the industry itself is inherently bad for it’s green credentials. The adhesive on a label makes it very hard to recycle and you need to be very careful when buying materials that tell you otherwise. The face stock may well be recyclable but when combined with the adhesive it isn’t. 

We had a number of projects throughout the year but one example was with a seed supplier for plants and flowers.

The Challenge – The customer wanted a fully compostable product including their packaging and label. The pack itself isn’t too hard to source but being able to print their own labels was proving to be an issue.

The Solution – Combining the Epson C6500Ae and our compostable label material competed this solution. We’re able to convert the compostable material to the size and shape required for the product as well as ensuring it’s inkjet coating is suitable to take the print.

The Epson C6500Ae allows the user to print unique or multiple labels instantly at a low cost with full colour print. This combined with the compostable material gave the customer the solution they needed without breaking the bank.

Epson Sustainability Award

Winning Epson’s sustainability award is a huge achievement for us and I couldn’t be prouder of the team here. As a company we strive to be a little different, ask the questions that are tough to ask, and provide label solutions that are above the norm.

Labels is what we do and it’s always nice to be have our efforts recognised. Especially by a giant like Epson! 

Alex Ashur

HD Labels

Over the past few years we’ve sourced and combined label solutions to solve many greener issues. 

Here are some of the label material solutions we have. 

Compostable / Made from 100% recycled material / Made from recycled Coffee Cups / Grass paper

Epson C3500
Epson C6000Ae Colour Label Printer
Epson C6500Ae Colour Label Printer
Epson C7500G

For more information on the Epson Printer Range or our Eco Materials, please fill in the form below or talk to the team on 01264 335118

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