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What Label Printers are MAC Compatible?

Most label printers are used in production environments and often the environments aren’t clean etc so it’s rare you see a MAC running here due to the cost of the MAC. However not everyone who buys a label printer works in a bakery or paint factory and so on. What if you’re a designer and you only use MAC’s? Well we look at your label printer options for solutions with MAC OS support.

Which full colour Inkjet label printers work on a MAC?

Primera / DTM Print Label Printers

Historically Primera / DTM have always had both a Windows & MAC driver and I’m happy to say that this looks to be continuing. The all new Primera LX3000e which is due out in July 2021 is being launched with a Windows only driver but with a MAC driver following in Q3 2021.

MAC Supported Label Printers:

Primera LX3000e / LX2000e / LX500e / LX910e / LX610e

Epson Label Printers

Epson’s new range of label printers (C6000 & C6500) are available with both the MAC & PC drivers as c6500ae You can download either from the Epson site. The C7500 & C3500 don’t have MAC support but since the arrival of the 6000 & 6500 series the older machine sales have dropped off.

MAC Supported Label Printers:

Epson C6000Ae / Epson C6500Ae

Which thermal label printers work on a MAC?

GoDEX Thermal Printers

Most of the GoDEX thermal label printers have MAC support but we recommend you get in touch as there are too many models to list. Check support on your configuration before ordering.

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