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DTM Print Launch “Swap Out” Warranty

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2024 starts with a great announcement from HD Labels and DTM Print. We are now offering a swap out warranty option for your DTM Printer or Applicator.

Why is the additional warranty a good thing? 


DTM Print are based out of Germany and they already offer an extended back to base support. This great but with

DTM LX610e Colour Label Printer
DTM LX610e Colour Label Printer

any machine you can sometimes have an issue throughout it’s life. Especially if it’s being relied on and used every day. The problem with DTM being based in Germany was that the turnaround time for a “back to base” repair could take a while. Although there was no cost to the end user the downtime can effect production.

To combat this the “swap out” warranty has been created. This gives the end user peace of mind that if their machine did need to go back for repair, they would get a loan unit to ensure downtime in minimal. This is for 3 years too!!

What does the swap out warranty give you?
  • 3 year UK swap out cover (including standard 1 year warranty)
  • UK based support
  • Once the swap out is approved a replacement unit is shipped for next day delivery
  • Use the supplied box to send your unit back in.
  • No shipping costs. All paperwork will be supplied


How much is the swap out warranty going to cost?


This will be a one off £300 ex VAT cost.


What machines does the swap out warranty cover?
AP360e – Label ApplicatorLX500e – Label Printer
AP362e – Label ApplicatorLX600e – Label Printer
AP550e – Label ApplicatorLX610e – Label Printer
CX86e – Tag / Label PrinterLX3000e – Label Printer


Are there any rules you need to follow?


Yes! It is down to the end user to register the machine / warranty with DTM within the first 30 days of purchase. To be honest this is a simple task and well worth the benefit of the 3 year warranty.


What do we think about the new swap out warranty?


To be honest this is a real statement of intent from DTM Print and a show of belief in their machines. They have also listened to their existing customer and partner feedback. We think this warranty offers exceptional value and peace of mind. Lots of these machines are entry level printers but to they soon become key parts of everyday production. So if they do need some TLC it’s important to have that backup. It’s a big thumbs up from us!!

For more information on the DTM Print swap out warranty, please get in touch with the team at HD Labels

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