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Why buy your label equipment from HD Labels?

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Since starting HD Labels nearly 12 years ago we’ve grown into one of the leading suppliers of label equipment in the UK and run a label print service offering “fast turnaround” label production in-house. We supply, install and support a lot of label equipment and I think one of the key reasons for our success is that we actually use all of the machinery we sell.

There is no better way to understand customer needs or a machines true ability, than to use machines in the same way your customers would. – Alex, HD Labels

We compete with companies who sell off a spreadsheet or perhaps own a demo unit which gets turned on twice a month. I believe customers see what we offer and appreciate when we can advise them (from experience) on what might be the solution for them. We can then prove the process and get them in to use and see the machinery in action doing the job they’ll use it for.

L901 Plus printer
One of our L901 Plus label printers in production.

We run a print service in-house where we can print and finish labels on a range machinery which I’ve listed below. I’m going to produce a range of videos showing the service and focusing on each machine to explain why we use it. Having this in-house allows customers to come in and see them in “real life” production.

HD Labels Production List –

Label Printers –

l901 and DLF220s
L901 Plus & DLF220s

Label Finishers –

If you would like to see any of the machines above in action then just let us know.

Perhaps you don’t know what any of these machines really do and have no idea where to start when it comes to label printers. That’s where you should take advantage of our knowledge. Tell us what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll explain all of your options and help you make an educated decision. We will highlight all of the purchase costs and running costs as the buy price of the printer is not what you want to base your budget on. Running costs are probably more important.

Get in touch today and let us help you find the right label print or finishing solution for you.

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